Pissed Off Trump Tells Obama To Get Off His Vacationing Ass And Help Louisianian—CROWD GOES WILD!

The floods in Louisiana have ravaged parts of the state that include Baton Rouge. The media has shown dozens of pictures of flooded homes and people fleeing in motorized boats and trying to swim to safety.

President Obama has been in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts on vacation throughout the duration of this natural disaster. He has accordingly received immense criticism in the media for doing so. Especially from conservative politicians and pundits. As well, the citizens of Louisiana have noticed.

When Donald Trump recently visited a video went viral of a woman shouting she was grateful he came to visit instead of golfing. Which was a clear reference to President Obama as he was pictured golfing at a Martha’s Vineyard golf course just days previously.

At a campaign rally Donald Trump spoke again about President Obama’s lack of presence in the disaster stricken state.

Watch the video here,


Donald Trump can be heard saying,

“I just got back from a tour of the suffering and devastation in Louisiana. Perhaps you can tell by the way I’m dressed. Just got off the plane… And honestly Obama ought to get off the golf course and get down there.“

The rally he spoke at was in Michigan. It is very clear the republican presidential nominee is none to impressed with the President’s actions. Neither are we Mr. Trump. While I certainly find most of Donald Trump’s behavior preposterous and disgusting he is doing a better job at being their for the citizens of Louisiana than our sitting President is.

Hillary Clinton certainly has not visited yet or even indicated she will. Donald Trump is the only one who has. Which is incredibly telling. Whether he is doing it because he knows it is a good photo op and good image control or out of the kindness of his heart is completely up to you to decide. Regardless, Trump has stepped up to the plate.

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