Trump Tells The Main Stream Media To Screw Off, Releases Video To American Public Instead! (VIDEO)

The President Elects relationship with the media has been contentious as best. He famously has gotten into spats with almost every network. From ABC to CNN to even Fox News of all places. He has problems with people like Megyn Kelly, Anderson Cooper and more. You would be hard hit to find someone in the media he actually likes. Usually he only likes them when they do his bidding.

Trump decided to bi-pass the media all together by releasing a video straight to the American public on his Facebook page. He discussed his plans for the first 100 days he has in office as well as the objectives of his transition team that has fought off rumors of being in chaos.

Watch here,

Twitter exploded over the issues he discussed in the video.

In the video he claims that among many he things he will write a letter to release the United States from its status in the Trans Atlantic Partnership. He said instead they will negotiate fair bilateral trade deals that bring jobs back into the United States. He promised to cancel restriction on American Energy.

He took a swing at regulation insisting he would introduce a bill that would make it so that for every new regulation put in place two old ones who have to be eliminated. He promised to direct the Department of Labor to investigate any and all abuses of visa programs.

Along with the Joint Chiefs of Staff he intends to create a comprehensive plan against international cyber attacks as well as all other attacks against enemies foreign and domestic. Surprisingly, in an attempt to drain the swamp they intend on placing a five year ban on executives turning to lobbying careers. As well as a lifetime ban on executives lobbying on behalf of a foreign government.

In the coming days he said that he would update the American people on more of what he plans to do.

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