What Trump Did Privately For Family Of Slain Texas Cop Is PURE CLASS

Trump has shown yet again, that he is truly a leader, and he is ready to take on his duties as the President of the United States of America. With Trump proving once again he has the ability to bridge the gap between government and people, there is already hope created with evidence that American can in fact be great again under his leadership.

We have known throughout his life that he has always had a strong, pro-American view with his politics, and that was clearly evident with his most recent outreach to an American family that he called to console and thank for their sacrifice.

This family lot their loved one, San Antonio police officer, Benjamin Marconi, last Sunday to a thug with a gun and a bad misplaced temper. It was during a simple traffic stop that the details of this horrifying event took place. An even that has left this family and fellow police officers in the area devastated. As senseless murders like this always do.

Marconi was writing up a traffic ticket during a regular everyday traffic stop when the driver stepped out of his vehicle and shot him in the head.

What we have learned since is that the shooter was just in a ‘bad mood’ at the time. He was in a bad child ‘custody’ case and was pulled over at the wrong time, because he was ‘upset’

…what a CRAPPY excuse!

This idiot, is trying to get more time to see his Son, and it’s hard on him. So he shoots a police officer DEAD!? That’s his solution!? Because he’s effing angry!!!?

I hate people sometimes.

Now he has ensured he will NEVER see his Son, and a family is left in mourning over a loss that should have NEVER happened. This police officer was near retirement! He has already served 20 years in law enforcement selflessly protecting and serving his community!

Can you imagine how this family feels?

Trump does. Which is why he had to reach out to this family.

Officer Marconi’s son, Dane, in post to his facebook account, shared with the world what President-elect, Donald Trump did.

“Just got off the phone with future president Trump, he sends his condolences to our family.”

Here’s my question… Did Obama call?

This is not by far the first call such as this that Trump has made. Even post election he was reaching out to families suffering a loss such as this too. He reached out to the widow of murdered NYPD Sgt. Paul Tuozzolo to offer condolences during her loss, with these gentle words:

“I’m very sorry I cannot be there with you today. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time,”

Now, as far as Obama’s fruits of labor? He occasionally would make a call to families of slain officers, but what he made SURE he did and which became routine practice for him was reaching out to loved ones of black individuals who died by police in questionable situations.

Of course, evidence of this is also apparent in the way he would politicize every situation, regardless of the necessary force that had to be issued by police officers. Yes, this President of ours, took every opportunity he could, flash our officers under a bad light. His behavior was so brutal that he even spoke at the funeral of our 5 slain Dallas officers, scolding police officers across the country with his words.

With Trump going into the White House, this kind of divisive behavior will END.

Prayers going out to the family and friends of this hero who has passed on. May they find strength and peace that can only be found through divine power.

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