ALERT – Trump Uncovers Evidence Of A TRAITOR In A Powerful Position, Calls For Investigation

Obama has spared no resource to push the liberal narrative on the whole so-called Russian hacking scandal. Of course that effort isn’t meant to be put behind finding ACTUAL proof that there is a scandal in the first place, but it certainly is being put behind pushing the IDEA that it happened onto American minds… It’s sick. Sick and wrong.

Classic liberal move…

I mean, before the freaking intelligence reports were even shared with President-elect, Donald Trump, someone from within the failed Obama administration shared the same reports with NBC news…

So now as a result, Trump is calling on the intelligence committees that reside in Congress to investigate how the mainstream media even got a hold of the top secret intelligence report.

One of the things I am really loving about Trump is that he is very upfront and open with us, the American people. He tweets what’s happening AS it’s happening, and this is a good thing for many reasons. However, one of those reasons is because the mainstream media…HATES IT!

It’s a lot harder to steamroll a President who will throw your corrupt ways under the bus in seconds…to the world, than it is for a President who waits and waits to listen to all the advisers before deciding what they should do about the false reporting of media.

Trump’s twitter speak is smart, and most importantly…it’s keeping it real. THAT’S COMMUNICATION FOLKS!

Being spoken to directly is key.

This is what true transparency looks like. News hits the people in a more timely manner, and knowing what is happening is how Trump is going to help us feel safe, and prepared.

Trump was absolutely right when he stated someone was playing “politics” with the top secret information on the alleged Russian hacking that caused a lot of humiliation for Liberal elites.

Trump’s tweet came right after NBC had aired the report and referenced what was found in it.

The FBI has claimed the DNC refused access to the system, but the DNC counterclaims no request to take a peak where actual evidence might be found, was even levied. A third non-government party actually did the poking around which allegedly led to the conclusion that Russian hackers are the cyber attack culprits.

Giving WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange a call to question him about the hacked information he received would also been a good idea, and likely follow agency investigation protocol in such cases. But that didn’t happen either.

Julian Assange has vowed to never give up his source of the DNC hacked email, which is a commonplace response by journalists. But, the WikiLeaks founder has staunchly maintained it was not the Russians, or any foreign entity, but a disgruntled Clinton insider who shared the hacked emails.

In one of the John Podesta emails exchanges, Hillary’s campaign chief was warned by another staffer they might have a “mole” in the organization. Podesta acknowledged the concern, appearing to agree – and he even offered up the name of the suspected mole.

The mole is a now former Clinton Foundation CEO. Did the FBI or CIA question him about the email hacks? Nope.

However…REGARDLESS of who or what, or how the information got leaked, I’m not sure why that’s so important. There would be no information to leak in the first place, if Hillary Clinton didn’t have anything to hide.

It’s just that simple, and just that stupid.


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