Trump Just Tweeted A Brutally Honest BOMBSHELL About Angela Merkel’s Meeting – Liberals Lose Their Minds!

These are the days of fake news and liberal mental disorders. What could be worse than that? When the liberal population is so dense that they still protest the American President while finding a way to spin everything he does into something bad, thus creating more liberally dramatic and mentally insane fake news.

Such is the case where President Trump met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Tweeted something positive about her. Most of the world hates Merkel and her lust for allowing rapist gang banging Muslim refugees to dismantle Germany, but Trump still did the positive and Presidential thing which was meet with other world leaders and do the right thing by staying positive and promoting a peaceful agenda.

Trump did the right thing and kept everything positive. America has no problems with Germany, so why would there be any reason to spin this in a negative way? There isn’t, but liberals still had their two cents to say about it on Twitter. You know how the liberals are, they’re basically brain-dead zombie based sewer pipes clogged with three-week old digestive seepage and feminine hygiene products.

Are people mad because Trump didn’t follow reporters orders and do a second handshake with Merkel? That’s Trump showing that he won’t take orders from reporters. He’s the President. He doesn’t have to listen to some jack-wagon sh*theel reporter who screams all day and pushes camera buttons.

Trump tweeted about it and liberals lost their minds. Enjoy reading the Tweets below. Remember that no matter how hard we try, we cannot cure mental illness. Sometimes people are born liberal and they will spend their entire life complaining and looking for the negative aspect of everything. Don’t associate with these negative complainers. You don’t need that negative energy in your life.

If there’s one thing President Trump has made us realize, it’s that Twitter will give any liberal no-name a blue verified checkmark. Every time Trump gets criticized by liberals, there’s always a handful of them who are verified, but no one knows who they are. More evidence that Twitter swings to the left.

He did shake her hand, Bess. Trump was denying reporters what THEY wanted. Media isn’t showing what happened before this little piece was clipped and turned into something it’s not. And when you prefix your Tweets with a “.” so everyone can see it, that means you’re an attention seeker.

Are you oblivious? Trump tweeted in respect of Merkel. You just replied to a Trump Tweet that respects Merkel. Also, the world only saw a brief few second clip of Trump denying the reporters. This clip does not show the entire meeting. He did shake her hand earlier. Try to be more informed so you and the blue check mark that you don’t deserve sound a little more intelligent.

This doesn’t count? It looks like a handshake to me.

Sure, if you hand pick photographs to compare and contrast, you can paint any story. This comparison is irrelevant. Also, the difference is the chairs have a different pattern and Merkel still wrecked Germany with her attraction to refugees.

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