TRUMP UNLOADS: “FBI Said Crooked Hillary Compromised National Security. No charges. Wow!”

When the FBI let Hillary Clinton off the hook, what they essentially told us was “she broke the law. There’s nothing we can do about it.”

There have been no fewer than five people who’ve been charged for mishandling classified materials in a similar manner as Hillary Clinton in the past five years. The only difference is that they didn’t have the luxury of being named “Hillary Clinton.”

Donald Trump is known for what’s saying on his mind (and more other than not, all of our minds as well), and he’s unloading on Hillary following the FBI’s decision not to pursue charges.

While Hillary was legally exonerated, the FBI uncovered a number of lies she made in defense of her private email server over the past year or so. It’s a shame she didn’t go the same route as her Husband and lie under oath, or she may actually have faced consequences for her actions for once in her career.

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