Remember When Trump Worked As A Waiter and Bellman At His Own Hotel? The Media Doesn’t Want You Too…(VIDEO)


A video has surfaced from the Oprah Winfrey show in 2011 (you know, before she hated Trump), that shows the next President of the United States performing four different jobs at his Chicago hotel: bellman, dog walker, room service and housekeeping. This is fantastic PR for his hotel and frankly, it’s endearing and funny. I never pictured Donald Trump doing any of those jobs and you can tell he not only cares about his clientele, he cares about his staff as well.

People seemed genuinely surprised that Donald Trump would come to their door doing their bidding. But, he did ask for a big fat tip. I think the man’s humor is seriously underestimated. Trump loves his business, you can tell and it would seem that he is pretty much loved wherever he goes and for whatever he does. The man is definitely a success story.


Donald Trump works four different jobs at his Chicago hotel…it’s really fun to watch him interact with the employees. He’s humble and full of appreciation for the hard work these people do…You also get to see just how funny Donald Trump is with all of his comments like: “She probably shouldn’t have trusted me with that dog.”…LOL!

Perhaps this is also some type of promotion for the Apprentice. I guess it’s a good way to stay in touch and relate to those who work for you. Trump seemed to thoroughly enjoy himself. Spending a day in the shoes of his employees at Trump Tower Chicago must have felt very strange and oddly gratifying.

Trump was humble and gracious… this is a side of him we don’t get to see because of all the politics. But what do you want to bet he brings this can-do attitude to the White House? It will certainly be all hands on deck come January 20th. I understand that Trump values hard work and loyalty above all other things and it shows. I’ll bet this show and video upped the bookings for his hotel as well.

It’s nice to see that the 45th President of the United States isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and doesn’t mind rubbing elbows with those that work for him. His presidency will not only be historic, it will be interesting to say the least.


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