Trump Walks In On Couple’s Wedding At His Resort And SHOCKS Everyone With What He Did!

Talk about wedding crashers! Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson couldn’t top this!

A rich young couple was getting married and The POTUS walks in! WHAT!! WOW!!

It must feel great to get married and have the President of the United States of America stop by your wedding, give a short funny speech, and head off into the night to Make America Great Again.

This guy who is definitely getting some action on his wedding night!

A ritzy expensive wedding at the Mar-A-Lago, visit from the President, and a super rich late grandfather are the kind of things you wish for, but it’s all a reality for this sweet couple who had this very thing happen to them.

Vanessa Falk and Carl H Lindner lV tied the knot and Trump stopped by to say hello. Granted, the Lindner family helped Trump by donating $100,000 to the campaign for POTUS, but I guess that’s just what rich people do.

Trump is a good guy when you peel away the layers of media and liberal scrutiny.

The crowd cracked up at what Trump said in his little speech. Those words are quoted below. His dry sense of humor is definitely laughable!

When POTUS comes to the wedding. Congratulations Carl & Vanessa!! #FalkLindnerWedding #maga

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Alec Baldwin made a guest appearance at #FalkLindnerWedding VC @chadblackburn1

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President Trump can be seen smiling as he poses for photos with bride and groom in one photo and the bride and her bridesmaids another.

He even gave a brief speech in front of guests at the wedding.

‘I saw them out on the lawn today. I said to the Prime Minister of Japan, I said: “C’mon Shinzo, let’s go over and say hello,”‘ said President Trump, who revealed that the couple got some ‘very nice pictures’ with himself and the Prime minister earlier in the day.

He later added: ‘They’ve been members of this club for a long time. They’ve paid me a fortune.’

The grandfather of the groom, Carl Lindner Jr., was a businessman who was worth of $2billion at the time of his death.

That was due to his position at American Financial Group, where Carl’s father Carl Lindner III is currently the co-CEO.

At the wedding, the video showed, the president kissed the bride on the cheek and encouraged the guests to get back to dancing.

Sounds like a super fun wedding. Lots of pictures snapped, videos rolled, and I wonder if Trump threw on his dancing shoes and pulled a little bit of the Footloose action.

Now that would be a video worth a thousand words!

When Trump is done in the White House, then he can come back to crashing weddings and being a great guest.

Make weddings great again.

Since we’re talking about wedding crashers, may as well enjoy a few laughs at the classic. Keep the volume low if you’re at work, there are a few words your boss may not like.

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