Look What Trump Was Just Caught Doing In The White House That Hasn’t Been Seen In DECADES!

Remember when John McCain was running against then-Senator Barack Obama, and the man’s age was constantly a question? Ronald Reagan also faced similar criticisms, given that in office he was the oldest president in history.

Yet when Donald Trump ran, nobody questioned his age, even though he’s now the oldest president in history! I guess they were confident that the man could afford any health care he’d eventually need.

It ain’t political, but because of his age, he just did something that we haven’t seen happen in front of the White House in decades!

As the Daily Mail reported:

President Donald Trump paraded his grandchildren Arabella and Joseph across the South Lawn before boarding Marine One on their way to South Carolina on Friday.

Trump left the White House with the two kids, dressed in their winter coats and boots, ahead of his visit to unveil Boeing’s newest aircraft in North Charleston.

First Daughter Ivanka Trump shared photographs of her two older children, aged five and three, eagerly waiting for their grandfather.

Ivanka posted photographs of her two older children, Arabella and Joseph, to Instagram which showed them eagerly looking out the window of the White House, waiting for their grandfather. Joseph was seen pressing his face up against a glass window in anticipation.

Here are the photos:

Watch below:

Trump tweeted earlier on today: ‘Going to Charleston, South Carolina, in order to spend time with Boeing and talk jobs! Look forward to it.’

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