BREAKING: Obama’s DIRTY Secret Guest In White House Just Exposed On Visitor Log Trump’s Team Uncovered

As a presidential candidate, Barack Obama promised that his administration would be the most transparent in history – and such a statement has become something of a punchline in hindsight. Even the far-left Washington Post had to admit that his administration has objectively been the most secretive in the history of the presidency.

Now after he’s out of office, more details about his presidency are being made public. We learned that right before leaving office, his final action was to discretely release $221 million to the Palestinian Authority that Republican members of Congress had been blocking.

The Palestinians weren’t the only Muslim government Obama was aiding behind the scenes. As we all remember, Obama signed the Iran Nuclear Deal into law, all while Iran’s Supreme Ayatollah was calling for death to America. Now, something suspicious was noticed in the White House visitation logs relating to that deal…

As Western Journalism reported:

Two Iranian government supporters acted as de-facto advisers to the former administration, the Free Beacon revealed.

One of them, Seyed Mousavian, was a former Iranian diplomat who once headed the Iranian National Security Council. He was hosted at the White House at least 3 times while Trita Parsi, an advocate for the Islamist regime in Tehran, visited Obama’s residence at least 33 times according to recently updated visitor logs.

Mousavian and Parsi helped create the so-called “echo chamber” that was instrumental in selling the nuclear agreement to Congress and the American public.

Obama’s top foreign policy aid Ben Rhodes boasted last year how he and other top Obama officials started “a sophisticated campaign to reshape the national narrative on Iran.”

“That campaign sought to portray skeptics of diplomacy as ‘pro-war,’ and to downplay the dangers of the Iranian nuclear program before formal negotiations began in 2013 only to emphasize those dangers after there was an agreement in 2015,” Bloomberg’s Eli Lake wrote in May 2016.

The Free Beacon now disclosed how the two Iranians helped craft pro-Iran messages and talking points that helped the Obama administration reach the deal with the Mullah’s in Iran.


So the Obama administration had no problem trying to spread of an irrational fear of Russia’s government (and Hillary Clinton seemed to want war with them), but it worked with a government that publicly declares they want death to ours. If those aren’t twisted priorities, I don’t know what is.

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