Look What Trump Just Did For Family Of Woman Killed By Rabid Illegal Alien — This Will Give You Chills!

Sandra Duran won’t see her fiance or sons thanks to a five-time deported degenerate who killed her in a DUI accident. That’s right, criminal slime Estuardo Alvarado was deported FIVE TIMES and ruined a perfectly nice family with his inability to be a good citizen. How did this filth get back into America?! This is why we need strong borders, a wall that people can’t get over, and elimination of sanctuary cities.

Rodrigo Macias blames the system for failing Americans thanks to people and cities harboring illegal immigrants who are criminals. Sanctuary cities are the worst, most filthy, crime-ridden cities we can find. Macias’ tragic story is another reason why there should be NO sanctuary cities in America. This is not a country that was built to hide criminals from other countries.

Here’s a recent interview with the fiance of Sandra Duran. After the interview, President Trump reached out with a phone call.

After appearing on the program, Macias said he received a telephone call from Trump, who offered him and the family his condolences and urged them to “stay strong.” Trump also said he’s fighting hard to secure the nation’s borders and to combat sanctuary cities.

“It tells you a lot about this president,” Macias, a real estate broker, said during a telephone interview with the Southern California News Group on Wednesday evening. “You can’t have the local mayor do that, but the president of the U.S. went out of his way to do that. I’m very glad my fiancée and I voted for him. In fact, I’m extremely happy.”

A White House official confirmed Thursday that Trump called Macias the day before to “offer his condolences.”

Macias, 39, also complained about Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, Police Chief Charlie Beck and city policies that offer protections to those living in the country illegally.

It’s time to call out the mayors and police chiefs who protect the scumbag criminals and start deporting people in mass numbers. If you’re an illegal immigrant and not a criminal, then fine. Whatever. Stay on the down low. Go get your citizenship. But if you’re here illegally and stupid enough to commit crimes, then you need to get out. Go be a criminal somewhere else.

President Trump called Rodrigo Macias to express his condolences, told the family to stay strong, and gave him hope that our borders will one day be as secure as we need them to be and our system will hopefully improve so people aren’t failed like this anymore.

Sanctuary cities are a disgrace and danger to American people.

We don’t need them.

We don’t want them.

Sandra Duran would be alive today if we stopped caring about illegal immigrant criminals so much.

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