TRUMP Won The Election And This Video Sums Up How SWEET It Was, Liberals Instantly Triggered! (VIDEO)

No one thought Donald Trump could win… no one in the beginning but Ann Coulter. She was adamant from the get go that Donald Trump would win the presidency and she was right. I don’t think she gets enough credit for that. On election night as the results came in, the liberal media especially was about to get the shock of their lives. Not only did Trump win, he won decisively. Clinton was so distraught, she couldn’t even address her sycophants. Leftists broke down on and off air into tears of utter grief and disbelief. The rest of us were doing a Snoopy Dance in our living rooms because Hillary Clinton was denied the presidency yet again. Fond memories.

The entire election cycle, all we heard was that Clinton was far ahead of Trump and he had no chance. He was a joke, he should just call it a day… they called him every name in the book, but the media just couldn’t stay away from him. By contrast, Clinton’s lies and corruption were boring and infuriating at the same time. No one could stand to watch her speak unless they were there to see if she would collapse from health issues. But tens of thousands showed up for Trump wherever he went. The contrast was as stark as night and day. Populism raged across America.

From GOP The Daily Dose:

As Trump surprises everyone again with his cabinet choices and steady transition, it’s worth remembering that not so long ago, everyone was laughing at him. No-one took him seriously from politicians to pundits to the weeping democrats. Trump was ridiculed but no-one is laughing now. The most amazing presidential run in history.

Remember how every commentator was ridiculing Trump… well this video captures most of them.

Even Donald Trump was somewhat surprised by his win. But the prize for being flabbergasted goes to the Marxist media, who never took him seriously and lived to regret it deeply. As state after state was called for Donald Trump, you could just feel them crying into their wine glasses and reaching for the Xanax. It was the trout smack of a lifetime… it was glorious.

As President-elect Trump now chooses his cabinet, the left continues to fall apart and cry doom over it. Trump’s choice of military personnel for positions of power has them stroking out in the streets. If that wasn’t bad enough, his choice to take over the EPA has them calling for outright revolt. This is the most fun mainstream America has had in decades. This is the American Brexit and now the massive chore of cleaning our house and righting our ship begins… with Donald J. Trump at the helm and the liberals in a corner or safe space somewhere whimpering.

A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.

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