TRUMPISM: 9,000 Entitled Liberal Freeloaders Just Got The News- No More Food Stamps

If America fell into the hands of all Liberal leaders, she would be devastated with freeloaders that only care about themselves and what they can get away with receiving for free without having to pay for it.

However, is it truly their fault? Do they know any better than the only thing they were taught while growing up with Parents who only taught all they ever knew as well?

This is the nasty cycle that Democrats have cursed so many Americans with. Through methods like “Bread and Circuses” the Democrat party has created a group of Americans that think the Government is their Savior. Their provider, their bread winner and necessary evil.

They have become so dependent on government that they lack all skill sets needed to be able to survive without them. At least that is what they are led to believe. That they simply cannot survive without their government.

They are wrong.

However, that is exactly where the Democratic party would choose to have their Americans. Dependent on them for everything. By this, it is much easier to control a people and have them ignore all the dark deeds that are hidden right in plain sight.

This type of American, does not think for themselves, they do not know what the joy of hard work brings, and they do not know the sense of self-worth or confidence that comes from blazing their own trail in life using the opportunities given to them by a country that offers liberty and justice for all.

It is these Americans that never taste their ‘pursuit of happiness’ because they think it is out of reach…not in their cards. Then they look out into the vast many of other Americans who are enjoying the benefits of their ‘pursuit of happiness’ and they get angry. Angry, bitter, and eventually…violent.

Why? Because they think they got the short end of the stick while others…got happiness. They think it was handed to others, and know nothing of the hard work that was put into it.

So their anger then turns into rage…


Can you think of any group of people that this reminds you of?

Conservatives are now taking a stand, and although Liberals are hating it and growing scared. They will soon see if they allow it, that struggle, and sacrifice is good for them, if done right.

America can only be successful if her people are. Relying on government to provide is not success.

Republican Governor, Paul LePage of Maine has now passed volunteer and work requirements for those that want to receive food stamps or those that are already receiving and want to KEEP their benefits.

The rules are simple, if you are not disabled and can work and do not have dependents than you will not receive any food stamps for more than three months and there is only one way around that. You can qualify yourself by doing one of these three things:

-If you are working at least 20 hours a week

-Meet volunteer guidelines for 24 hours out of the month

-Participate in a work-training program

Brilliant really, don’t you think?

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