Trump’s Grand Kids Are Now Being Attacked By Liberals After What Trump Allowed Them To Do On Marine One

If you want to get a good look at just how hypocritical, and downright repulsive the left is, look no further than this article. It is bound to make your blood boil if you are a regular decent human being.

As adults, we should know when to stop before crossing the line. When it comes to the families of politicians, unless they insert themselves into the conversation, they are off the table for any criticism.

But what if it’s a child? Worse yet, what if it’s a little child doing nothing more than walking with Grandpa and waving with a toy helicopter? No insertion, and really no idea what is going on around him politically. Would that description seem like the right target for leftists to attack? The answer is a resounding yes because the left preaches what it doesn’t practice, especially when people, speech, and ideas don’t fall in line with them.

President Trump was on his way to Florida yesterday to make some stops to promote school choice and school vouchers. His companions for the trip were his grandchildren, Ivanka Trump’s two little kids. Little Joseph Kushner was having a blast holding up a toy model of Marine One as the threesome made their way to the actual Marine One.

It was a very cute scene…And yet the left, in their psychotic brains, believed it was just and right to instantly attack the little boy with vicious comments…And they used the tool every liberal wannabe activists coward turns to: Twitter.

Some of the Tweets went like this:

And here’s another one:

And one more:

It completely baffles me how they feel they are justified in doing this. Lefty liberalism is a mental disease. The last disgusting human being to Tweet, mentioned that the children are ‘fair game’ because they are taking a helicopter ride with grandpa? That is insanity! To these innocent children, they are just taking a fun ride with Grandpa, but to the liberal left, they are targets to ridicule and hate?

What else can you say? The left are loathsome people when it comes down to it.

Marine One ??

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