Trumps On HIGH ALERT After Massive Discovery Was Just Made On His Property Overnight— Now We Know Who Did It

This past weekend, the Trump family had a scare at the White House. A man jumped the White House gates and neared the entrance to the presidential mansion before he was arrested. Now, there has been another discovery on the Trump’s property that has the entire family on edge.

As we all know, the left has been losing their mind since Trump was elected. While there have been protests and social justice warriors commanding the keyboards they have now resorted to destruction.

On Sunday night, environmental activists in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, decided to vandalize a Trump National Golf Club in order to send a “message” to the president. These “activists” used the cloak of darkness to climb the walls and then destroy the property. They used rakes and other gardening tools to carve out the following message in the grass: “NO MORE TIGERS, NO MORE WOODS.”

Here is footage of the crime.

Now, the activists that did this crime have released an anonymous statement to ABC7 Eyewitness News:

“If our King Puppet really wants to ease the strain of immigration, why not make this world more livable for our neighbors, reduce the imperative need for any person to have to bundle their lives into a bag and flee their homes under duress… It’s a protest piece against Trump’s administration’s handling of our environmental policies. He’s been very aggressive in gutting a lot of the policies that we’ve had in place for a very long time. We felt it necessary to stand up and go take action against him.”

The left cannot stand Trump and the Washington Post actually touted this crime as a “daring act of defiance”. After receiving backlash from readers the story was changed to reflect the nature of the crime. What makes this even more maddening is that currently there is no investigation. I hope that changes, but since this happened in California who knows, right?

These people are out of control and need to be stopped. Can you imagine if this was done under the administration? Conservatives would have been flogged and thrown in jail faster than they could say ” you’re a racist”.

At any rate, I am sure this will continue until there are severe consequences, and that needs to happen soon.

H/T [ Dennis Michael Lynch, 100 Percent FedUp ]

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