After 16-Year-Old Accepts Invitation To Sing At Trump’s Inauguration, LOOK What Happens To Her…

Ever since President Elect Trump’s win his supporters have been targeted by nutjob liberals for daring to vote for a winner. All of these accusations of anti Islam violence is nothing compared to the violence and assaults that Trump supporters are being hurled. Some have been beaten up and others have had their businesses boycotted.

Now singer Jackie Evancho is one of those people. She is set to sing the national anthem at the January 20th, 2017 inauguration of President Elect Trump. She is paying a mighty price for doing it. She is only sixteen years old.

She was made famous for being the runner up of America’s Got Talent. Now she accepted the invitation to sing the anthem at the event of the year for this country. It was announced just last Wednesday while she was on the Today Show. She has also performed for functions that hosted President Obama.

Evancho said,

“I feel really honored. To be able to sing for the office – it’s a great honor for me.”

Liberals have taken to social media to completely evicerate her over accepting the invitation to sing. So what do these liberals do? They go to Twitter to be internet trolls and bully her about her amazing achievement.

Irregardless she is still going to be singing come Inauguration Day and she has not publicly commented on the criticism she has received yet. But considering she is willing to do something unpopular and she is standing her ground and refusing to cancel her engagement I think that President Elect Trump will appreciate her very much.

The best revenge is success. Their is no doubt that come Inauguration Day she will knock it out of the park as she has done so many times before. The haters can take a backseat to her success.

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