IT’S OFFICIAL: President Trump’s Inauguration Just SMASHED The All Time Record — Liberals Were PISSED!

President Trump is already two days into his presidency and he is already making history and records. This morning he attended the national prayer breakfast and ceremony with his family and administration members. It has been reported that the inaugural ceremonies included six religious prayers, three invocations, and three benedictions.

According to Jim Bendat who is the author of Democracy’s Big Day these statistics are accurate. He spoke on CNN yesterday morning. While being sworn in the President used a bible gifted to him by his mother and the one used by Abraham Lincoln.

This morning’s national prayer service included twenty-six religious leaders and figures. The majority of them being Christian but Jewish, Islamic, and Navajo Nation leaders were there as well.

Watch some of the prayers that were said in front of the inaugural crowd prior to President Trump’s swearing in.

President Trump made it a point during his campaign that he was going to do a myriad of different things that would make Christians very happy in our country. Some of those things include bringing back Merry Christmas and taking away Happy Holidays. With the increased number of prayers that were featured during the inaugural activities, it is very clear that President Trump is putting faith first and foremost.

He certainly has the support of the religious community as well as the American people and those who occupy the White House. He is not just going to make America great again or wealthy again, but he is going to make it Christian again. Long gone are the days where Americans are being shamed for their Christian beliefs. The Obama administration allowed it for far too long and now it is over.

We have a long, prosperous, and bright future ahead and it is only just beginning now.

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