Trump’s Inspector General Just Found DISGUSTING Thing Obama Planted To Screw Over Every American

During Barack Obama’s presidency, he told some major lies that would make even Pinocchio look innocent. The habitual lying started way before Obama took office but it really reached a fever pitch when he began to push his trademark monstrosity of Obamacare. The former president promised the American people that they would be able to keep their doctor’s, that the premiums would be lower, and everyone would be covered.

Oh, how quickly that changed once the bill was passed and the reality of what Obamacare really was began to sink in. The American people were not able to keep their doctors and it was hardly affordable, and the Obama administration knew it from the beginning.

The horror stories of Obamacare began to trickle in as Americans across the country recounted their heartbreaking stories of being financially strapped. Families were forced to choose between keeping a roof over their heads or paying for astronomical insurance premiums. After eight long years, Obama was finally out of office and the American people were fed up, and that is when President Donald Trump entered the political arena. Trump knew that this bill was bad news from the start and has promised to do what he can to get rid of this health care debacle. President Trump has tapped his new inspector general to look into the bill in order to get a clearer picture of this fiasco and has concluded that the Obama administration “misled” The American people.

And, it gets worse.

Here is more from The Washington Times:

The Obama administration “misled” Americans into thinking signing up for Obamacare would be cheaper than it really was, according to an inspector general’s report Thursday that said the IRS dramatically understated the actual cost of enrolling.

IRS officials sent the letters to try to prod Americans to comply with the 2010 health law’s “individual mandate” that penalizes them for not holding coverage.

But as part of the letters, the IRS said most people could find plans for $75 a month or less once government subsidies were figured in.

That was untrue — in fact, the average cost was more than twice that figure, at $168 a month, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration said.

“Many of the nearly 7.5 million taxpayers who receive letters and seek insurance may feel misled if the actual cost of their insurance is much higher than the $75 per month detailed in their notification letter,” the inspector general concluded.

The IRS said it was only using numbers provided by Department of Health and Human Services and verified by the Treasury Department. They said the $75 figure was true for some taxpayers.

The inspector general said it asked for that documentation but never received it.

Auditors said their own analysis found the HHS studies were based on a smaller sample and was limited to those who chose lower-coverage plans with fewer benefits.

According to the new audit, federal regulations require agencies to present accurate information.

Investigators uncovered the misleading information as part of a broader audit about how the IRS was handling its role in alerting Americans who aren’t complying with Obamacare’s mandate to hold insurance.

Some 19.3 million Americans ducked the Obamacare mandate in 2016, with 12.8 million claiming an exemption and 6.5 million paying the tax penalty.

The IRS was supposed to begin sending letters in June 2015 to encourage those who ducked the mandate to sign up, but the agency declined, saying it wanted to instead study behavior from Obamacare’s first full year of operations in 2014.

The agency also missed the deadline in 2016 but did send notices beginning at the end of the year.

Officials said they figured they’d get better reception if they sent them close to the time of enrollment for 2017.

Some 7.5 million letters were sent — about half in English and half in Spanish.

It was disgusting when Obama and his cronies forced this upon the American people, but this makes it even worse. To see that these people hid the real cost of Obamacare is truly despicable, but will anything be done about it?

Over the last several months, President Trump has been doing his best to repeal and replace this horrible bill, but GOP RINO’s in the Senate have been thwarting his efforts. The bill has nothing to do with healthcare but about control over the American people and that is one thing these closeted socialists do not want to give up.

The left does not want to admit this but the real goal of Obamacare is for it to collapse. Obamacare was designed to fail so that they could usher in a single payer system since so many people have become reliant on it. When and if that happens they can truly have control over the population in the country which is what they have always desired. That cannot happen which is why we need to play this smart and trust in President Trump’s plan. This monstrosity needs to be chipped away with slowly and carefully so that it does not explode and cause more damage than it already has.



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