Trump’s Latest Anti-Hillary Ad Just Set The Internet On FIRE! HILLARY Camp FREAKS! (VIDEO)


Donald Trump is turning up the heat on Hillary Clinton.

During the Republican Primary, one of the main arguments against Trump commonly made by the other candidates was that Trump would lose to Hillary Clinton in a head to head. The polls at the time seemed to indicate as much too.

But as Trump began to pick off his challengers one by one, people quickly began to realize the extent to which they underestimated him. When it comes to Hillary Clinton, “I haven’t even gotten started,” we were told.

He’s been going after Hillary, and the results are coming in fast. He’s currently leading her in the majority of polls listed over at Real Clear Politics.

Now he’s out with another attack ad, and it’s too good not to share. He’s taking Barack Obama’s comments from the 2008 Democrat Primary, and using them against Hillary Clinton. It juxtaposes what Obama says are qualities needed for someone who wants to be President with Hillary Clinton’s speeches and blunders.

Watch below:

“What you need is someone who is going to exercise good judgement” Obama says.

He didn’t realize it then, but that sentence alone is the perfect reason to never elect her. Luckily, most people are finally waking up. While Trump lagged Hillary in the polls for months, Trump is finally ahead.

He got the post-convention bump he desperately needed, as the Party was unified at the RNC. As for the DNC, the opposite seems to be the case…

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