Trump’s Life Is In Danger After Finding Out Obama Left Behind This Secret Access

Jonathan Tran recently scaled a fence at the White House and wandered the area for about 17 minutes before Secret Service caught up with him. People have slammed the White House for allowing someone to comb the area that long, citing security flaws and providing ample time for someone to create a monumental disaster. Citizens want to know why Tran wasn’t met on the other side of the fence by a loaded weapon and shackles. People want to know if there’s even any security on the fence that allowed Tran to jump without being noticed.

Well there’s a very interesting reason that will probably upset many people. It’s a reason that might tip the tin hat conspiracy theorists in wild directions.

The reason Tran took a grand tour for 17 minutes is because the Secret Service removed the alarms from the fence.

Tran was able to scale that particular area of the fence without setting off alarms because they had been removed, leading to confusion among officers about his whereabouts and whether an intruder was inside the White House complex, the sources told the Examiner.

The initial fence Tran jumped did trip alarms in that area of the fence-line, but squirrels or even birds sometimes also set off the sensitive sensors, which could have lead to uncertainty about whether someone had jumped the fence or not.

Secret Service personnel removed the alarm sensors along an area of fence line when the agency raised its height in response to previous fence-jumping incidents as a way to make it harder to scale, the sources told the Examiner. Ironically, the very effort to prevent fence jumping appears to have permitted a particularly egregious intrusion.

One source said superiors in the Uniformed Division told Secret Service personnel to remove the sensors and piece them together for use elsewhere. They were never replaced.

Was this a lapse in security, a bad decision by security, or a plot to open doors for someone to enter and attempt an assassination?

If security was not told to replace the alarms and upper management forgot, then it’s a harmless mistake, although could’ve been terrible.

If security simply said don’t put anything on that fence because squirrels and birds sometimes trigger it, then that was a bad move. You MUST put something on the fence and perhaps make it a little less sensitive. Or, maybe install cameras with technology intelligent enough to identify the difference between a bird and a human. Would infrared work in that situation? Or HD cameras with night vision or keep the fence area well lit at night? Lot’s of possibilities.

The final tin hat theory is that someone in the Secret Service is a spy and “forgot” to replace the security alarms on the fence that was jumped. Is it ironic that Tran knew exactly which fence location to jump over? Or was that a coincidence? Did security team forget to install the alarms back on the fence “accidentally” on purpose?

I don’t know. I’m just glad nothing happened that night and maybe Tran will give the Secret Service some answers.

Maybe someone else will give us answers.

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