After Trump’s Louisiana Visit, New Poll Has Media SPEECHLESS

Donald Trump visited Louisiana after floods ravaged the south. While he has received praise for doing so President Obama has been castigated for not making any public statement or visiting the affected regions. In light of these issues he has also called for increased vetting of incoming migrants.

Allen B. West reported,

“Those who’ve jumped through all the hurdles to immigrate legally don’t tend to be sympathetic towards those who want to cheat their way in, and as the Morning Consult just reported, the figures are there to prove it.

Most Americans who immigrated to the U.S. support Donald Trump’s call for a temporary immigration ban from some countries, along with other proposals that appear to view foreigners with suspicion, according to a new Morning Consult poll…

…As with the entire electorate, about six out of 10 immigrants (61 percent) said they back Trump’s proposal to have all foreigners take an ideological test when applying for a visa to make sure they share American values. About a quarter of immigrants (26 percent), as with the electorate as a whole (23 percent), said they opposed it.”

Trump is expressing an ideology that many immigrants themselves believe but often don’t speak up about. Immigrants who emigrate the legal way don’t feel it’s fair that illegal immigrants are granted privileges they weren’t when they are doing it illegally. It’s incentivizes people to cheat and not go through the legal channels which is counterproductive.

The poll indicates most Americans and immigrants agree with Trump’s point. The immigrants who do the hard work to become a naturalized citizen are the ones who deserve citizenship in the United States of America. Those who do not, should not be granted immunity for their illegal behavior.

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