VIDEO: Thanks To Trump’s Victory, Saying “MERRY CHRISTMAS” Is BACK!

Donald Trump’s hair isn’t bringing sexy back, but he sure is bringing CHRISTMAS back!

Thanks to Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential election, the future POTUS plans to bring Christmas back into our vocabulary. America has suffered enough from the political correctness maniacs who continue to verbally denounce people who say Christmas.

If you think Christmas is offensive, then too bad. It’s not offensive to me. If you celebrate another holiday, then please enjoy it. Decorate and light your house up with it. NO ONE CARES!

This is America and you can celebrate any winter holiday you wish. The majority of Americans like Christmas and it’s here to stay. Every other holiday is welcome to join us and we can all celebrate whatever fun holiday we want and guess what – none of them are offensive.

Holidays aren’t offensive. If Christmas is offensive to you, then YOU’RE the problem.

Here’s a video of Donald Trump and a speech that mentions Christmas. This is from before he was elected as the President elect.

Truthfeed – “The word Christmas,” Trump said on the campaign trail last September at the Values Voter Summit. “I love Christmas. I love Christmas. You go to stores, you don’t see the word Christmas. It says happy holidays all over. I say, ‘Where’s Christmas?’ I tell my wife, ‘Don’t go to those stores. I want to see Christmas. I want to see Christmas…… Remember the expression Merry Christmas? You don’t see it anymore! You’re going to see it if I get elected, I can tell you right now.”

While Americans are celebrating Christmas and not worrying about who is offended, people like Miley Cyrus are packing their bags and preparing to leave the country.

Ho Ho Ho! Donald Trump’s Christmas cheer is here.

I was always wondering what was wrong with people complained about Christmas being offensive and I’m hoping they buy plane tickets with Miley Cyrus and travel somewhere else.

Christmas is here to stay and every other winter holiday is welcome to join us.

There is nothing wrong with our holidays and we can celebrate them all without being offended.

No safe spaces needed.


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