MANHUNT: Trump’s Motorcade Just Came Under Direct Attack From Assailants Yelling Death Threats

The anti-Trump agitators are out in full force again and have taken their protesting to a whole new low. While at first, they were simply content with destroying public property and slinging insults they have now attacked President Trump’s motorcade again.

President Trump is spending the weekend at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida before heading back to the White House at the end of the weekend. On Friday evening, Trump was traveling in his presidential motorcade when they passed agitators on the side of the road. That is when the situation went from bad to worse in a matter of moments.

According to CNN, the protesters threw two large objects that could have been a rock and/or wood directly at the vehicles. One of the objects did strike one of the cars which caused the president’s protection detail to go into high alert. Eyewitnesses to the frightening attack said that the protesters were yelling death threats, using crass language, and were about the age middle school children.

A Secret Service official issued this statement about the frightening incident.

“The Secret Service can confirm that an object appears to have been thrown at the motorcade this afternoon. We are investigating at this time and don’t have anything further,”

Thankfully, the police are investigating this crime and have launched a manhunt to apprehend these criminals. However, this is not the first time that these far left agitators have attacked Trump’s motorcade. If you remember back in August 2016, Donald Trump’s motorcade and supporters were physically attacked in Minneapolis. Of course, the media tried to downplay the violence, by these rabid left protesters, but it still continues.

I lay this entirely at the feet of Obama. He has emboldened these thugs into thinking that they can get away with these actions. If these protesters have an issue they can use their big people words and express themselves. Throwing objects and hurling death threats at the president is not exactly winning them any fans, nor will it.

All I can hope is that they will grow weary of this and move on already. But, with Obama continually fanning the flames of division it seems highly unlikely.

H/T [ Telegraph ]

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