Trump’s Motorcade Came To An Abrupt Stop And Secret Service Agents Immediately Deploy – Now We Know Why!

The President is far more beloved than the mainstream media would like people to believe. In fact people in Florida love him almost as much if not more than they loved President George W. Bush. They showed their love at a Palm Beach, Florida event.

On his way to his Mar-a-largo hotel and resort he stepped outside his motorcade to wave and meet people. For about half a minute he waved at the crowd who were clearly adoring him. From afar the Secret service tried keeping everyone far enough away from them.

People were screaming ‘we love you’ and waving their mini American flags. Meanwhile, the President’s young son and wife remained in the car on the hot day. Secret Service was flanked on his sides to try and protect him. Watch.

At this rate, he is going to need even more Secret Service from all the positive attention he is getting. He is certainly safe in Florida it appears. Perhaps it is because of all the business he brings to the state of the visits he makes there. Either way, the people love their President and the President loves his people.

This is exactly the type of thing that makes President Trump different from all the rest. He cares about reaching out to everyone and making sure they feel noticed, heard, and seen. People notice the attention he gives to the middle class and common man. And they love it. Which is why he was willing to have his presidential motorcade stopped in the middle of a drive so he could wave and meet people.

This is the President the United States needs right now and for the future. An inclusive President who brings people together and truly loves Americans. We have the President we deserve and will do right by all Americans.

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