Trump’s New VA Secretary Just Flipped Off Obama And ROCKED Americans With What He’s Doing For Our Heros Now!

The past 8 years, under the Obama administration, our veterans were treated terribly. Obama’s lack of respect for those who have served bravely fighting for our freedoms turned every red-blooded Americans stomach. The horror stories that our veterans told about the care they received at the V.A. was sickening and appalling, but who would change it? Trump promised on the campaign trail that he would reform the V.A. and he was not joking.

President Trump’s new VA Secretary, David Shulkin, has just released a proposal that essentially gives Obama the finger. Shulkin outlined in his proposal that he will remove the 40-mile, 30-day rule for veterans accessing private sector care outside the VA system.

There are veterans that have criticized this rule since it limits our veteran’s care. Instead of our nation’s heroes having access the best care possible, they are often put on insane waiting lists that can last for months. Which if Shulkin has his way, is all about to change.

Vice President Mike Pence swears in Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin.

Shulkin wants to do away with most of the red tape that hinders our veterans from care. Though some critics have said that this would privatize the VA, but that is hardly the case. This actually would give veterans more choices available to them and put them in charge of their care.

This is what Shulkin said about the proposal.

“We want to be thoughtful about how we propose what the new choice program will look like, and do that in conjunction with Congress, and to make sure we are fulfilling the president’s promise and commitment that he has made to the country’s veterans,”

This is great news for our nation’s veterans, and it is about time. Obama had opportunity after opportunity to do right by our brave men and women but chose to ignore their pleas for help. Trump has appointed someone who is up to the task of ensuring our veterans health and well-being and it is about time. Obama should take notes on what a real leader looks like since he had no absolutely no clue.

Thank you, President Trump and VA Secretary David Shulkin for taking care of our countries most cherished heroes.

H/T [ Daily Caller ]

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