Trump’s Badass Newest Cabinet Member Just Showed Up To Work In The Most EPIC Way Imaginable!

Donald Trumps cabinet nominees who have already been confirmed are already making waves. It seems his Secretary of the Interior made a blazing first impression on his very first day of work. He showed up to work riding a horse! On his first day, he promised to work to provide more resources to national parks, increase the morale of federal workers inside the agency and help to increase the sovereignty of Native American tribes.

Zinke was confirmed on Wednesday in a 68 to 31 vote. One of the less controversial picks of the President. He chose to ride with a mounted escort to the Interior Department to headquarters in downtown D.C. The horse was an Irish sports horse that was seventeen hands tall.

He is a fifth generation native of Montana and penned the following letter to all of his agencies employees on his first day,

I approach this job in the same way that Boy Scouts taught me so long ago: leave the campsite in better condition than I found it. I’m an unapologetic admirer and disciple of Teddy Roosevelt. I believe in traditional mixed use ‘conservation ethics’ doctrine laid out by [Gifford] Pinchot, but realize that there are special places where man is more an observer than a participant, as outlined by [John] Muir.”

About three hundred and fifty employees waited outside to greet him on his first day. A veterans song was played by an employee of the Office of Indian Affairs from Montana’s Northern Cheyenne tribe.

Zinke noted he will work hard to protect the rights of all Native American tribes and that it is not just a lip service promise. He jokingly quipped that he is,

proud to be an adopted member of the Assiniboine-Sioux from Northeast Montana.”

He has a notorious fly fishing habit and is an avid outdoorsman of which he has thoroughly documented on social media. All important characteristics in someone looking to fulfill the position he was confirmed for. It seems he is already setting a trail of his own. Nothing less would be expected from a Trump nominee.

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