WOW! Trump’s Orlando “Thank You” Rally Crowd BELTS OUT “God Bless The USA” Song (VIDEO)

Here’s what you never would’ve heard at a Hillary Clinton rally: a USA chant. Instead, you’d hear some lame “I believe that she will win!” or “Hillary! Hillary! Hillary!” chant… which clearly didn’t win in their intended goal.

There’s a level of patriotism you see at Trump rallies that was unparalleled at Hillary’s. In fact, the more patriotic one is, the more likely someone is to be a Republican. According to one Harvard study, attending July 4th parades as a child makes one more likely to be a Republican later on in life. I have no idea who thought to study that, but it certainly is an interesting finding.

The Donald has been on his victory tour (and accomplishing more before taking office than Obama has in the past eight years, while he’s at it). Rather than share any particular part of his recent speech in Orlando, it’s the crowd that will make you cheer.

Here’s the video, courtesy of Truthfeed:

People chanting they’re proud to be American? Doesn’t seem like the kind of people who would have their decision swayed by alleged Russian influence would they?

The reason the establishment and the media were wrong is because they’re isolated to the Coasts, and don’t know what the rest of America believes. You won’t find many anti-American Americans in flyover country, nor will you find many aggrieved hipsters suffering under the weight of their white guilt. It’s ordinary Americans like this that won Trump the election, and it’s the same people who will guarantee we’ll be seeing him in the Oval office for eight years.

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