Trump’s Plan May Include Having Police Officers Assist in Deportation Process

Donald Trump expressed interest in deporting illegal immigrants, specifically those who have a criminal record. Trump’s plan might include training local police officers in policies and strategies involving border security.

This could be good news and bad news.

If the officers are trained correctly, paid accordingly, and it’s voluntary – then it’s fine.

If the officers are not trained properly, not paid the correct wages for the job (should see an increase if needed), and are randomly selected – then NO WAY should any police officer agree to that. It’s not in their job description and if they don’t have any say or proper training, then they shouldn’t get involved.


US Herald – As policies under the future Trump administration begin to take shape during the ongoing transition period, a proposal to enlist the aid of local police in enforcing federal immigration law may be central to the president-elect’s promise to address the illegal alien issue that drove many voters to choose him over Clinton’s progressive “open border” policy.

One possible component of a Trump strategy to combat both illegal immigration and terrorism would be the use of a 1996 statute that allows local police officers to be trained by the Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) agency to enforce federal immigration law.

Trump’s campaign took a lot of heat from democrats/liberals because he wants to kick out the criminal illegal immigrants. Radical leftists resorted to calling Trump a racist, even though this has nothing to do with race. But as you know, the leftist play the race card on just about everything, especially when they have no intelligent rebuttal during a debatable topic.

Trump’s focus is on the violent criminal illegal aliens, which means there’s a long line of people who might be deported way before some innocent hard working family is even considered.

In contrary to Donald’s mass deportation plan, I have to admit that I don’t think it will ever come to fruition like the democrats and liberals tried suggesting. Some random hard working immigrant family with no criminal history is probably going to be unnoticed and not have to worry about anything.

Meanwhile, it’s the rapists, drug dealers, and violent offenders who may find themselves hanging out with the border patrol and a one way ride to their country.

And can we be quite honest – there’s a lot of American citizens who we’d rather deport instead of the quiet Mexican family who was actually born here and go to work daily.

You know, those bum welfare queens who have eight kids on purpose so they can play the system and not ever get a job.

I’d rather see those creep crumb bums kicked out of the country.

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