WATCH: Trump’s Vice Presidential Pick Goes All In… Fires BRUTAL Shot At Hillary In First Interview

As Gov. Mike Pence was giving his first interview as running mate for presumptive GOP nominee, Donald Trump, he was very direct and held nothing back about why he believes Hillary Clinton cannot be and does not deserve to be the next President.

I couldn’t agree more, but it was still great to see that he knew why she’s an awful candidate, it also shows that he knows what they are up against. She is a cheat and a liar, soooo knowing that going in, is a BONUS!

He is obviously very aware:

“Hillary Clinton — whether it be the fact that she mishandled classified information, whether it be the fact that she left Americans in harm’s way in Benghazi, where four Americans died, and she lied about the reasons for it happening — I think there is one issue after another where Hillary Clinton is simply disqualified to be president of the United States,” he told Fox News host Sean Hannity.

Pence believes that the choice couldn’t be any clearer as to who should be President. He says Donald Trump has a vision for America and a very clear agenda for America as well, that will restore her greatness in strength at home and abroad.

He believes that Trump has created sensible policies with a goal in mind and at heart to put America first on all levels.

He wants Americans to be prioritized over those of foreigners, refugees and even before our allies abroad.

This sounds like the complete opposite of how the current idiot in the White House is handling things. What do you think?

Is it too opposite, and another extreme? Or do you believe this is exactly what America needs to get back to her greatness?

Pence went on to discuss Clinton and what her vision is for America, and pointed out that it would be absolute death to America if she got her way. Her energy would be most spent on using our resources to extend even further help to illegal immigrants, Syrian refugees and anyone else who wants the benefits of being American without being American…. EXCLUDING ACTUAL AMERICANS!

She’s awful!

In a nutshell, Pence supports Trump and his vision because he can clearly see that Trump truly plans to steer America into a new direction and embark onto a path that will make her stronger, wealthier, and happier.

As far as Clinton is concerned…that hag, would just be Obama PART 2…. and there is NO WAY we can endure another round of that idiot’s leadership. It would be 10X worse with it being Hillary…she ever more incompetent, and it’s not like she can lean on her husband for any support in making better decisions… I mean… HE WAS IMPEACHED HIMSELF!

Here’s hoping that America does not vote another destroyer into the White House this November.

We won’t survive it.

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