Try Not To Laugh: Artist's Rendition of Putin Humiliating Obama [Picture]As Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to spank Obama on the world’s stage in every imaginable way, it appears one artist wanted to make this a visual reality. In an effort to do so, the artist painted quite the picture where Putin has laid Obama across his lap, just as a parent would a child, and is dishing out quite the punishment on his backside. To add insult to injury, the artwork has been publicly displayed for all to see.

The art gallery, dubbed “No Filters,” opened on Friday in Moscow with over 100 pieces of art seeming to display Putin as superior to Obama. The piece of art gaining the most attention, at least here in America, is one where Putin is depicted spanking Obama drawn as a school boy in true disciplinary form.

With the work’s only description reading, “Targeted sanctions,” it’s clear as to what the painting was meant to convey. Given that Obama made himself, as well as America, out to be quite the fool when trying to slap the wrists of Putin during the beginning of the Russia/Ukraine crisis, Putin capitalized on the opportunity in a way that won’t be quickly forgotten.


With the way Obama (and by default, America) responded, Putin just about laughed off the sanctions that were supposed to come as a punishment for Russia’s actions. Instead of putting the hurt on Russia, Obama was only successful in making Putin out to be a much stronger political foe than he should have been.

Since that time, many forms of artistic propaganda have come forward, the most recent being this one which the Russians have painted that shows Obama to be the fool he really is. Just as Putin mopped the world’s stage with Obama during past interactions, that visual has now been made a hard-hitting reality in which the President of the United States was revealed as the man-child he is.

America is supposed to be the leading super power in the world. Instead, Obama has done whatever his liberal heart desires while avoiding both the real problems as well as the repercussions of his actions – or lack thereof – leading to embarrassing photos to come about like this one.

What are your thoughts on this? Does “embarrassing” even begin to describe how you feel about Obama?

Courtesy of Mad World News

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