VIDEO: Tucker Carlson DESTROYS California Congressman On Russian Interference In U.S Election

Tucker Carlson is storming across the Internet in a whirlwind of viral videos and they all have one thing in common. Just about every video clip of Tucker is him completely destroying someone with his wicked words and common sense.

When Carlson gives you that look, you just know he’s either about to calmly explode on someone, or he’s wiping his chops of the liberal feast he just devoured.

This Tucker Carlson video clip shows him crushing the skull of California Congressman,Adam Schiff, when they discuss Russian interference on the 2016 Presidential election.

Feast on this, libturds.

It doesn’t matter who did what, or what got hacked. Hillary didn’t lose an election because of Russian hackers. She lost the election because she ran a poor campaign and because people just don’t like her.

Who cares about Russia. Russians weren’t holding firearms to American heads and forcing them to vote for Donald Trump. Americans simply don’t like Hillary Clinton.

And let’s not forget – there isn’t even any evidence of hacks. What if John Podesta got caught in a phishing scam and tried logging into his MySpace account and it was a fake. Then he gave out his possible password for free. Didn’t even need hacking if he was phished. Phishing is when you login to a fake website, that looks like a real website, and it steals your info and spams with it – kinda like when your friends on Facebook post weird “buy sunglasses” posts outta nowhere, and you know it’s not true because your friends don’t ever post that stuff.

Carlson reminds people that he’s against hacking people’s personal accounts.

He asks the congressman how specifically the Russians were responsible for the results of the election, but the congressman just answers like an idiot. Schiff says the documents released were damaging to Hillary Clinton. Oh well. If she wasn’t doing things that were irresponsible, then she wouldn’t have to worry about it.

If Hillary didn’t want harmful documents released, then she shouldn’t engage in harmful practice.

Why didn’t someone hack Trump? Or, did someone hack Trump, but there was simply nothing good to release?

There’s no evidence that Russia did anything. And, if there is, it doesn’t matter.

It does not matter who released the documents because the content of those documents is what matters the most. If Trump was hacked and he had tons of bad items in his emails, then people wouldn’t care WHO hacked. They would care about WHAT’s in those hacks.

No one cares about the hackers (sorry, hackers, if that sounds mean), but people care about what was released because it paints a more accurate character picture about the candidates.

And, I hate to say it, but Clinton and her campaign are pretty darn stupid. She could’ve called up a few hacker friends and had them snoop around in Trump’s email to see if there was anything good.

Or maybe they already did and he came up clean.

The only thing you might find in Trump’s email account is where he gets an orange spray tan and where he buys that muff of a haircut.


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