WATCH – Tucker Carlson Leaves Millennial Hyperventilating After She Tries Comparing Trump To Hitler…

It was inevitable. As soon as Donald Trump was named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year, liberals were always going to lose their minds and find some way to denigrate him for it. And sure enough, they’ve begun happily comparing him to Hitler. But for one unfortunate millennial, she tried that with the wrong person.

Erin Schrode has been a vocal critic of Trump’s, calling his cabinet appointments “ghastly”, especially Trump’s choice of Scott Pruitt to head the EPA. Pruitt has said before that the science surrounding climate change is “far from settled”, thereby making him a major target of liberal ire. That includes Schrode, who is angry that Pruitt was one of 28 attorneys to participate in a lawsuit against the EPA over some of its regulations.

Schrode isn’t just taking aim at Trump’s cabinet appointments, though. After he was named “Person of the Year”, she wasted no time comparing Trump to Hitler. But she was in way over her head when she appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News.

Carlson first called her out on her tweet comparing Trump to Hitler:

“Comparing someone to Hitler is not an invitation to discuss,” Carlson said. “It’s an end to the discussion.” “I think that it’s very important that we’re critical,” Schrode responded. “That we do not normalize or sanitize the rhetoric or actions of Donald Trump, or the ghastly appointments to his administration.”

With that, the conversation moved to Trump’s cabinet appointments, and Pruitt specifically. And after Schrode gave some vague statements, Carlson pointed out that Pruitt was one of 28 attorneys general suing the EPA, meaning that the majority of American states participated in this. This statement, of course, went right over Schrode’s head. “You don’t actually know anything about what you’re talking about, and you’re throwing out a lot of allegations as if someone were against clean air or for mercury,” Carlson said. “Is there another side to the case? Do you understand their position or does that not even interest you, learning what they think?” Schrode furiously responded. “It’s not about learning what they think! It’s about the fact that this man, who is the head of the EPA, the nominee, has already acted about the things on which we’re speaking. He has sued to lessen the regulations from an environmental and public health standpoint.”

She then backed up Carlson’s statement about her lack of knowledge by being unable to name a single regulation that Pruitt wanted to slash. But hey, she’s got a degree in “social and cultural analysis”!

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