LOCKDOWN: Turkey Seals Off And Cuts Power To US Air Force Base; Turk Gov Believes Used In Coup Attempt

Turkey initially accused the US of being behind the faux attempted coup. The world is waking up to Erdogan planning and manufacturing the whole event. Probably with the blessings of his bud Barack Obama. They did seize our Air Force base and cut off the power. All operations were grounded immediately and the rumors that our military personnel were being held hostage started to swirl. There are nukes on that base… it just gives you that warm, fuzzy radiated feeling doesn’t it?

The top military official at Incirlik Air Base has now been arrested, along with other officers at the base — a major US air operations center in the Middle East — in connection with an attempt by a military faction to overthrow the government of Turkey, authorities said Sunday. Gen. Bekir Ercan Van was the top Turkish military official who was detained. The last I heard, close to 3,000 military had been arrested. 6,000 civilians were also rounded up, along with thousands of judges. Just a bit ago, Erdogan started ordering the arrest of university professors and earlier he made moves on the media. This isn’t a coup… it’s a purge.

From Gateway Pundit:

The US consulate in Turkey says the Incirlik air base has been placed in lockdown.

The base is used by the US-led coalition, including Germany, to launch airstrikes against “Islamic State.”

A message on the website of the US consulate in Adana said Saturday that “local authorities were denying movements [onto] and off of Incirlik air base.” It advised US citizens to avoid the facility until normal operations had been restored.

The sealing-off of the facility, which houses as many as 80 nuclear bombs, follows a coup attempt by a faction within Turkey’s military a day earlier.

It is unclear whether aircraft from the base were hijacked by coup plotters during the overnight events. According to Turkish government officials, the jets were used to attack key buildings, including the parliament building in Ankara.

A US defense official later told Agence France-Presse that military operations against IS had been suspended due to the lockdown and a closure of the airspace.

The base is used mostly by the US, Turkish, UK and Saudi air forces. Germany has also deployed some 400 soldiers to the facility.

The arrests came as huge crowds turned out for funerals of those killed in the uprising, with secular and nationalist leaders on Sunday joining military brass for prayers at mosques — a rare display of unity in a country riven by ideological divisions. But not for long as the word is Sharia law is about to be harshly imposed. Erdogan is solidifying his Islamic dictatorship and setting himself up as Caliph. Welcome to the Ottoman Empire 2.0.

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