TWILIGHT ZONE: Trannies Now Demand Their Surgeries Be Covered As ‘Non-Cosmetic’


From Louder with Crowder


Well isn’t this fun. You know how transgenders choose to “change their gender” for entirely cosmetic reasons?

Right. Well now they’re trying to claim it’s not cosmetic and it should be covered under insurance. No, really…

For decades, transgender people have been denied coverage for surgeries, mental-health therapy, hair removal and medications that would help them transition to another gender — anything related to transgender health care was excluded in insurance plans. Despite major strides for trans people in the last two years, many insurance companies and state government plans that no longer categorically exclude all transgender care still exclude some transition-related procedures, often calling them “cosmetic.”

Calling non-functioning, non-real sex organs “cosmetic”?! Here we go…


This next part is cute.

“Every time I get out of the shower and I look at myself in the mirror, I think, ‘That’s not want I want,’” she said. “It’s a big deal every day. I feel like, with this body I have, I can’t imagine being in a relationship with someone.” Read More


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