Two Arrested At Islamic Cultural Center As German Authorities Foil ‘Significant’ Terror Plot

Police officers stand guard as colleagues search a suspicious vehicle during a raid on a building in Britz

From Right Scoop: In Berlin on Thursday, German special forces arrested two men who they say were plotting “a significant criminal act against state security.” The men were found when authorities searched an Islamic Cultural Center in the city. The men, from Syria and Tunisia respectively, were believed to have ties to ISIS.

Police add that “a suspected dangerous object” was found in their vehicle, prompting a temporary evacuation of nearby residences.

On Friday the two men were released and no comment was given to Reuters as to the reason for their release. The investigation of the plot is still ongoing but German newspapers report that the arrests successfully stopped what appears to have been an Islamic State plot, despite the release of the two men.

An “Islamic Cultural Center” is what they were going to build in the famous “Ground Zero Mosque” controversy. (Eventually, the plan for the center was abandoned in favor of more lucrative condos as real estate value in the area soared.) Remember that opposing the center was “racist”, according to our liberal betters.

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