Two Black Lives Thugs in Trayvon Martin Hoodies Put Guns To Womans Face Then Carjack Her.


These are the amazing scenes as a woman fought off two men, one of whom was armed with a gun as they attempted to steal her car outside a gas station in Georgia.

Jasmine Warren had pressed the remote control as she approached her car when two young men wearing white hoodies approached and attempted to grab the keys from her hand.

One of the men pointed a black handgun into her face.

Merciful: Jasmine Warren, (pictured), said she forgives the two men who attempted to steal her car outside a gas station

The incident happened at the Exxon gas station in Atlanta near Interstate 20 and Hamilton Holmes.

Warren tried to run back to the safety of the shop but the men stopped her and wrenched the keys from her hand.

The men raced back to the car and tried to drive off. Before they could start the vehicle, Warren opened the driver’s door and attempted to pull out the young criminal.

The youngster punched the determined car owner. After a few seconds, the driver’s accomplice leaves the car and attempts to drag Warren away from his friend.

After one minute, the driver manages to start the car and puts into reverse, with Warren standing by the open door getting pulled along.

Luckily another car blocks the exit to the gas station, but after a few seconds it drives off.

Eventually, Warren takes back the keys from the ignition and runs back towards the shop, pulling desperately at the handle until she is allowed safely inside.

Without the keys, the pair of criminals ran off.

Warren told 11 Alive in Atlanta: ‘This young man came up to me with a gun in my face, and in that very instant, I knew I wanted to do something about it. I wasn’t going to let him try to take my stuff from me

‘They were just as scared as I was. When I looked at that little boy’s eyes he was just as scared as me. Honestly he was fumbling. It was a lot.’

Warren said she was not sure if the gun was loaded but the young man warned her repeatedly that he was ‘going to do it.’

Showing amazing compassion, Warren said she forgives the two suspects.

Addressing the men directly she said: ‘You’re wrong for trying to rob from me. It’s not the end of the world for you. It doesn’t mean that you can’t change and make changes in your life. It’s up to you and I’m willing to help you make those changes. It doesn’t make you a bad person. You’ve done something bad but you can always be forgiven for it.’

CrimeStoppers is offering a $2,000 reward for anyone with information about the two suspects. Anyone who knows the men is asked to call 404-577-TIPS (8477).

Via Daily Mail

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