Two Black Thugs Beat Elderly Man To Bloody Pulp, But Look What Else The Camera Caught On That BRUTAL Bus Ride

Imagine your father or grandpa gets on the public transit to go shopping, or meet a friend, and instead of having a good day – he comes home bloody and beaten to a pulp.

What happened?

Two much younger thugs beat the daylights out of him on the bus and it was all caught on tape in Kansas City. This has to be a joke, right? Nope. Two guys really beat up AND SHOT an old man on a bus.

Older folks can often be a wisecrack sometimes, but that isn’t grounds for beating them up or shooting them on a public bus in KC.

If you’re on a bus, and an older gent makes a joke towards you, or says something that irritates you, then you smile and let it go. You know whatever this old person says, it’s not worth you beating the crap out of them and going to jail for it after.

The cameras on the bus catch nearly everything, including this crime. The camera also caught proof that black lives don’t matter to some black people.

The camera watches two much younger guys bludgeon an old man with a gun and shoot him. It took two of them to do this? This is savagery at it’s finest. You don’t need to team up on an old guy, come on now!

This video is proof that black lives don’t matter to some black people.

Watch the video below, then make your judgement in the comments.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A fight led to gunshots on a KCATA bus Sunday morning.

One man was injured after three people started fighting on the back of the bus.

Some of the city’s regular bus riders were shocked to watch the altercation play out on camera.

“Yeah, I mean I was blown away by seeing that video and seeing the violence and seeing that gun,” said rider Jared Campbell. “I’m not sure what I would do.”

Witnesses told police the victim got aggressive first.

One of the two men then allegedly pulled a gun from his backpack and started hitting the victim repeatedly. The man then fired the gun, hitting the victim in the shoulder.

If black lives matter to the guys in the video, then why are they beating and shooting each other so much? What could this old fella have done that was so bad that two guys had to beat and shoot him on a bus? Does this make any sense whatsoever? If we later find out that the old man was a crook or rapist who harmed people in the family of one of the guys, then sure – I’m totally OK with that. That would make sense and be justified. But all we see in the video is two young guys beating an old guy. Doesn’t look good, does it?

If an old guy said something smart to me, I’d probably laugh at it. He’s an old guy, leave him alone. Respect your elders, move on with a smile, and let it be.

This makes people think black lives don’t matter to each other. If you mattered so much, then you’d stop beating and shooting each other over STUPID reasons like an old man saying whatever he said to spark this episode of inhumane behavior.

The two guys who beat up an old man don’t think his life matters. They don’t think their own life matters either. If your own life matters, then you won’t blatantly beat someone ON CAMERA and think it’s OK.

Why doesn’t Al Sharpton speak out when black folks beat and shoot each other? He’s an old man. That could’ve been him getting beat up on a bus.  He should say something about black on black violence and help put a stop to it.

People need to calm down and realize we all matter. Everyone one matters, even the snowflakes that we disagree with. They don’t like us either and that’s OK. We still matter.

We need to pick each other up instead of beating each other down.

Every life matters, except liberals. I’m kidding. Liberal lives matter if they act like adults. Keep acting like rotten kids and you won’t matter.

Next time that camera on the bus catches something, I hope it’s two people being nice to each other. Wouldn’t that be a shock!

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