Two Black Thugs BRUTALLY Attacked This 80 Year-Old But What She Did To Them Next Was SHOCKING!

An 80-year-old woman was carjacked and beat up by two teenage thugs. They were arrested and got quite a surprise on the court date. The woman they jumped was there.

She is Former Baltimore City Councilwoman Rikki Spector and she showed up with her blackened eyes and bruises to give the family a hug.

Say the next sentence in your black girl voice and clap loudly between each word.


I would’ve asked the judge for at least a year in the slammer, then hugged the judge. But nope! This woman wants to rehabilitate the boys so they don’t do this again. That’s fine, but let’s rehab in jail and fix the prison system on the way.

I do agree that our prison system is a failure. It’s a disgrace. The people go in, come out, and go back in. There SHOULD be a rehabilitation system in place, but it must be in the prison system. These boys need to be locked up and rehabbed inside. They need to lose a little bit of freedom to see what their life could really be like if they ever commit a crime again.

Our prison system doesn’t need to be a Beverly Hills party with catered meals, but the jails should take these rotten criminals and turn them into productive citizens. Just sitting around, lifting weights, and boning each other for a few years won’t change the people who are locked up. If you want to fix people, then do it.

If I was her, that hug would’ve only came before they boarded a bus to the clink, and I would’ve licked my hand and slapped them with it.

I like her idea of rehabilitating people, just not her hug or her delivery. Work with the parents to make the family better, but those boys deserve an ass-kicking in jail so they know what it’s like.

VDare – Determined to make a difference, Spector went to juvenile court Tuesday for a detention review for one of the teenagers charged in the assault and attempted carjacking that left her battered and bruised. The former city councilwoman is now advocating for change in the juvenile-justice system.

“The system isn’t working for the kids, not working for us. You can look at me and see that,” Spector said.

Boys ages 13 and 15 are accused of attacking Spector inside a gated, guarded and patrolled garage near her home. She struggled with the teens as they tried to steal her car.

The 15-year-old had no prior incidents. The court put him on home detention until his trial in January. Spector met with his family outside the courtroom.

“I hugged the family and told them how huge it was for me to see them there, because this is what it takes to help this boy never be in this situation again,” Spector said. “I put myself in their place. If that had been my boy, son or grandson, I would want somebody to have a heart, to understand they truly didn’t want this to happen, sorry it did happen and will do everything in their power to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

Spector said she’s encouraged and is partnering with the family.

“The parents, grandparents, football coach and attorney (are) begging to minimize (the) punishment and give us a chance to help this boy,” Spector said. “It’s very important to me and this young man. Their presence spoke volumes.”

Police told 11 News that, in the past year, the 13-year-old has been charged with carjacking, robbery, destruction of property, auto theft, drugs and assault. He remains in juvenile custody. His detention review is next week. Spector plans to be at that hearing, as well.

I don’t know what to think of this, but at the very least I hope a few kids get their ass beat in prison before learning some life lessons.

If you’re 13 and have all those charges, then your parents need to be charged too. That’s the product of bad parenting and those people should have their kids taken away.

Carjacking at 13? Holy schnikes.

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