Two Black Thugs Shoot A Random White Teen Girl In Houston: “He Was Aiming To Kill.” (VIDEO)

Again…More black on white crime that seems to be no big deal to the media. If this was a white person doing this we would never hear the end of it. Nor would the “Black lives matter” terrorists ever shut up about it.

Why is it that black on white crime is barely ever reported?


From ABC13

It was May, Friday the 13th, and Amanda Williams was feeling accomplished.

She had just gotten her first paycheck at a Studio Movie Grill in northwest Harris County and walked straight to the ATM on her way home.

“I felt like someone was following me, so I kind of went to the other side of the road,” she said.

She kept walking until she heard a man yell at her from behind.

“He said, ‘Shut up and give me everything (expletive),'” Williams said.

Williams spotted a driver in a car nearby and ran to him, screaming for help. But that driver wasn’t there to help her.


“He was aiming to kill, and it almost hit my heart,” the 16-year-old said. Read More

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