From the Conservative Tribune: President Barack Obama refused to see two former U.S. Marines who walked hundreds of miles to the White House to raise awareness of a fellow Marine jailed in Mexico.

Terry Sharpe and Allen Brown completed their walk on Sunday, arriving at the White House with a police escort and a number of others who support their efforts to secure the release of Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi. They were not invited inside the White House, nor did anyone from the Obama administration apparently greet them.

Sharpe first walked from his home in Summerfield, N.C., to Danville, Va., where he was joined by Brown, who walked with him the rest of the way to Washington, D.C., according to the DcGazette. The journey took three weeks.

Tahmooressi has been in Mexican custody since April 1 after he crossed the border from Texas into Mexico with three firearms in his vehicle. Tahmooressi had the weapons, which he owned legally, in his truck because he was in the process of moving from Florida to Texas. He has said from the beginning that he entered Mexican territory accidentally.

Sharpe and Brown had not met prior to their walk but they learned that the had served together in the same Marine battalion during the Vietnam War.


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