Excerpted from Conservative Tribune: The Obama administration recently announced plans to send up to 4,000 US military troops to west Africa to help combat the Ebola virus. The stated purpose of sending military troops to the Ebola-ravaged region is to provide assistance with command, control, logistics, civil affairs, and medical assistance. US officials have repeatedly said that troops’ exposure to the deadly disease would be “limited.” Two retired Generals are taking exception to this plan though, calling it a “misuse” of US military troops, according to WND.

Retired Army Lt. General William “Jerry” Boykin says, “This is a president who thinks like a community organizer and not like a commander-in-chief who takes his responsibility for his troops seriously,” adding, “At a time when our military has been at war for 13 years, suicide is at an all-time high, [post-traumatic stress disorder] is out of control, and families are being destroyed as a result of 13 years of war, the last thing the president should be doing is sending people into West Africa to fight Ebola.”

Boykin stressed, “This is not what the military does,” saying that their mission always has been and always will be “to fight and win the nation’s wars.”

“That should be what the president is focused on now. The mission of the military is to fight war, not to fight Ebola,” Boykin said. “It is a misuse of our military, and I for one am very opposed to this [deployment].”

Boykin pointed out that our troops would not be receiving any type of inoculation against the virus because one isn’t available yet.  At most our troops would receive a briefing about the disease.

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