Two LAPD Officers Ambushed on Patrol by Two Suspects, Resulting in Shootout and City-Wide Manhunt


Two Los Angeles Police Department officers were ambushed Sunday by two men who opened fire on their patrol car. LAPD Lt. Andy Neiman told the Los Angeles Times:

“[T]wo officers in a single patrol car were responding to a call and driving southbound on Hoover Street near 62nd Place. They saw a muzzle flash — the visible blast from a gun — and determined they were being fired at, Neiman said. 

Neither officer was hurt, and they returned fire, officials said.”

LAPD ambush

The rifle used in the attack was recovered and one suspect was detained for questioning. However, a city-wide manhunt was unsuccessful at catching the second suspect, who remains at-large.

This incident, as well as a similar unprovoked incident in Tampa Bay, FL, have officers across the nation on extreme alert following the December 20th murder of two NYPD officers.

According to LAPD Detective Meghan Aguilar:

“Obviously, with what happened in New York and what we know is a sentiment right now nationwide…when you put on your uniform, you’re very much aware that there are some currents of anger toward police.

We’re aware that we could be a target for individuals that are angry at law enforcement right now.’”

These unprovoked attacks on police at the hands of the very communities they sign up to protect have no place in our society. No matter how you look at it, this is no way to seek justice.

 Courtesy of IJ Review

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