Two Months After Obama Imported This Syrian Muslim Migrant He Molested A CHILD!

We have plenty of homegrown monsters right here in the United States already, yet here we are importing more…by choice! This story is causing outrage, and with good reason…

22-year old Syrian refugee came to America just two months ago. It didn’t take any longer than that to land himself behind bars for molesting a child at a state run swimming pool.

His name is Emad Hasso, and he is currently being held on $25,000 cash bail. He pleaded not guilty to one count of indecent assault and battery on someone under 16.

It was around 5:30 p.m. on Thursday when the 13-year-old victim was hanging out at the Raymond Lord Memorial Pool, located at the North Common Park in Lowell. That is when Hasso approached the little girl, to touch her upper thigh and ask her how old she was.

The girl responded with a quick ‘too young for you’ and immediately walked away.

Do you think it ended there?

Of course not. He’s a monster.

Hasso started to follow the girl around the pool and when the opportunity showed itself, he again approached her. This time, while she was swimming.

AGAIN- he inappropriately touched her upper thigh and asked her how old she was. To which she replied “I’m a little kid, leave me alone,”

At this point it was enough disturbance for one of the lifeguards to notice something was not right, so he intervened. That is when police were called in to get involved.

Hasso admits he may have accidentally bumped into the girl while swimming and touched her but it would only have been by accident. He denies speaking to her at all.

It was during the hearing that the alleged victim’s Mother was granted a hrassment order on behalf of her daughter. That is when Hasso had something to tell the judge.

He claims through an interpreter “First of all, I don’t speak the language and I haven’t spoke to her.”

Fortes ordered that Hasso have no contact with anyone under 16, except for family members, stay away from the victim, the Lord pool and all DCR properties.

Hasso is scheduled for a pretrial conference on July 29.

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