Two Thugs Attack US Marine, And In 2 Seconds Get A BRUTAL Response (VIDEO)

A video was released on the internet showing a United States Marine being beaten at a bar but the response the little thugs get will have you smiling from ear to ear. They learn the hard way not to mess with a United States Marine.

The video appears to be security footage and was videotaped in Los Angeles, California. A man and a few of his friends appear to be at least slightly intoxicated and approach the Marine with his significant other or lady friend with him. The woman tries to approach the drunk man to get him to back away but he doesn’t. The Marine grabs the woman he is with in an attempt to walk away but that doesn’t work.


As the man gets to be a bit aggressive the Marine aggressively grabs him by his shirt and attacks him. When he’s finished with him, one of the drunk guys’ friends gets involved and the Marine punches him to the ground before running away and what appears to be after someone else.

It’s bad enough that these gutter snipes feel the need to spend their time getting drunk at bars. That’s a generally gross way to conduct oneself but to then harass other patrons who are just going about their business and having a good time is simply asking for trouble.

You never know when a United States Marine will come out the door a swinging at you. So in the future to avoid that situation don’t act like a general douche bag.

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