Two Trump Supporters Had THE BEST Response to Bikers For Hillary! I Can’t Stop Laughing!

Too funny! Diamond and Silk did a video warning everyone about Bikers for Hillary and that they were on their way to Philly for the convention. Then the video cuts to John Kerry on a girl’s bike. And then there’s Obama who rides like a girl too. There were no Bikers for Hillary, but there were Bikers for Trump and they showed up by the thousands in Cleveland to help keep the peace. Big difference there on real men versus girlie men.

These two really know how to laugh and get a point across. Diamond and Silk are icons of the Trump Train and their messaging via YouTube is a very strong one. Plus, they are highly entertaining. They’ve been a smash hit from the beginning and have spoken at one rally if not more. If you are looking for PR gold, these two are it.

From Conservative Post:

Diamond and Silk are two of Donald Trump’s most vocal supporters. The pair’s videos have been going viral and they have even spoke at a rally with Trump.

Now these two have some big news. Bikers for Hillary were heading to the DNC to support the former First Lady. Diamond and Silk had a first look at the event and a hilarious reaction to it.

That’s a lot of laughing! But, that is about the extent of biker support for Hillary Clinton, so it is pretty funny!

We all know that if bikers did exist for Hillary, there would be a huge difference between them and those that rode for Trump. One would carry an American flag, the other… probably a communist one. One has horsepower, the other has a bell. One is a hog and the other is a banana bicycle. And the list goes on. It’s hilarious.

Just the thought that real bikers would ever show up in the Clinton camp makes you start laughing all over again. Never. Going. To. Happen. However, she does have militant racists, radicals, communists, anarchists and Marxists all around her and to be fair, those that belong to Black Lives Matter, the New Black Panthers and Nation of Islam are pretty intimidating. But you’ll notice they don’t take Trump’s bikers on. That would be like having a death wish.

Watch the video and laugh with them. I mean, the whole world is laughing at us right now and it has a lot to do with girlie men like Kerry and Obama. Wonder if Hillary will be laughing come November? Or should I say, cackling.


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