U Of Missouri Students Burn ISIS Flag, Muslim Students Opt Out


via Washington Examiner: Students at the University of Missouri in Columbia burned a homemade Islamic State flag Thursday, after getting permission, of course.

The school’s chapter of The Young Americans for Liberty burned the flag in front of the school’s iconic Columns outside Jesse Hall Thursday afternoon.

According to the Columbia Missourian, nearly 200 people showed up to watch the group of 25 burn the flag.

“While they preach death to America, it is not here on the shores of our great nation that their actions have been most drastically felt, but instead in the war-torn regions of Iraq and Syria,” Ian Paris, president of YAL, said in a speech before the burning.

He also called for a moment of silence for victims of terrorism stemming from the Islamic State and other radical Islamic groups.

“And remember,” paris said, “that if we remain too afraid to speak out against them, they will only continue to take more and more lives that must be saved.”



paris obtained an open flame permit from the University of Missouri Department of Environmental Health and Safety for the demonstration.

Zakaria El-Tayash, president of the Muslim Student Organization at MU, told KOMU his group’s members and other student organizations on campus did not participate in the demonstration because of “the way that they are approaching the situation,” but “their message from what [I] understand is good.”

Under the Campus Freedom Restoration Act, all outdoor areas on public university campuses in Missouri are traditional public forms where free speech is protected.

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