U.S. Allies Give British ISIS Members a Taste of Their Own Medicine

(From Mad World News) As ISIS continues to fester in the Middle East by spreading their ideology and growing their ranks, some have conveyed that the only thing the extremist organization understands is violence. Given this belief, many suggest that the only way to overcome ISIS is to use equally brutal and ruthless tactics on our enemies.

Although people want to believe we’ve evolved and act in a morally superior way compared to that of our previous selves, this may not necessarily be true. According to recent reports, U.S. allies were said to have delivered a bit of desert justice to a few British jihadists.

ISIS has made it clear the amount of respect it has for the world’s laws as it continues to travel down its path of genocide, beheading anyone that gets in their way or doesn’t bow down to Allah. Having publicly killed two Americans and two Brits with a former Army Ranger next in line, they’ve clearly demonstrated they have no intention of stopping their atrocious behavior.

While growing in numbers and strength, ISIS has began attacking their long time enemies and American allies, Kurdistan, in effort of – you guessed it – complete annihilation. As they fight back, it seems that some less than humanitarian acts may have taken place.

According to the Mail Online:


A former SAS soldier has told The Mail on Sunday he witnessed the capture of two British jihadis in the Iraqi desert – and says he believes they were later executed.

The trooper, who was working as a security adviser to a TV crew, said the Islamic State militants surrendered after sustaining serious gunshot wounds and running out of ammunition.

After being dragged from a trench, they were ‘punched, kicked and struck with rifles’ before a senior Kurdish commander intervened.


The source who remains unnamed, a British SAS “security adviser,” explained that the men were said to have been taken to a nearby Governor’s residence just two towns over in Jalawla. However, when he arrived a few days later, he found no trace of the men.

“I made inquiries but I was fobbed off with some pretty unsatisfactory answers which led me to suspect, and I can’t put it more strongly, that the pair of them had been bumped off,” he reportedly told the Mail Online.

U.S. Allies Give British ISIS Members a Taste of Their Own Medicine

It should be noted here that these reports are unverified. With the sources remaining confidential, there is no way to validate them. If proven to be true, Kurdistan could face a severe backlash for such action given, since it’s a violation of humanitarian law that could even prompt an abandonment from their allies.

Does the whole ‘eye for an eye’ concept apply here? Let us know what you think of what happened to these ISIS members in the comments below.

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