Oh man is this America or Syria? This is Obama’s idea of America.

During a pro-Hamas protest in Washington D.C. in front of the White House, things quickly got out of hand.

Manny Vega, former U.S. Marine and supporter of America and Israel, was attacked by a mob of angry pro-terrorists “protesters.”

As shown in the video, a large crowd of pro-Hamas terrorist sympathizers were staging a large gathering outside of the president’s house. According to reports, the protest was co-sponsored by a long list of groups who support the Muslim Brotherhood and radical Islam, including CAIR, AMP, ANSWER coalition, AMA, ICNA and even Code Pink.

As Vega was attempting to engage in peaceful dialogue with at least one pro-Hamas protester who didn’t appear to be violent, suddenly a group of the terrorist-sympathizers attacked Vega, mob-style.

Luckily the cameras were rolling at that point, recording the entire situation unfold. Vega was pushed, spit on, and even punched and kicked by at least a dozen of the violent protesters, who were all holding anti-Zionist signs and Palestinian flags. (H/TIsraelVideoNetwork)

The best part? Vega, being a former Marine, went into action. He was able to fend off the entire group.

Though he’s not a large man, his confidence and patriotism quickly took form and he escaped the violent mob attack unharmed as motorcycle police arrived on the scene to break it up.

“I got attacked by a mob, they spit on me, they kicked me, they punched me…” Vega told the responding officer.

He related what happened to police, who took an official report of the mob-style attack on Vega.

In the video, as he was walking away to talk to police, he was still being taunted by the pro-Hamas protesters and he shouted, “I have a right to be here as equally as you guys!”

We salute Mr. Vega for being such a bold and brave patriot who’s not afraid to go toe-to-toe with terrorists.

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