U.S. Marine Gives Perfect Video Response To Disgusting “Flag-Stomping” Trend


From Mad World: By now most people have witnessed the disgusting trend of “flag-stomping,” which was inspired by a black man named Eric Sheppard, who is now a fugitive from police in Georgia.

Sheppard, a self-proclaimed “terrorist against white people” and member of The New Black Panther Party, was involved in what was clearly an anti-American protest on the campus ofValdosta State University late last month, where the “flag-stomping” trend was initiated.

Later, police found Sheppard’s backpack, which contained a gun, on campus and have been looking for him ever since. The “courageous” protester is reported to be in hiding to avoid being arrested.

In a twisted display of senseless support for the fugitive Sheppard, many individuals have recorded themselves in the appalling act of desecrating our American Flag. Their smugness and obvious enjoyment over trampling Old Glory in their misdirected and ignorant angst has infuriated millions of Americans.

Some of those Americans, such as United States Marine Manny Vega, have decided to make imploringly peaceful and patriotic videos in response.

This stupid trend hitting the internet and social media, is driving me insanely angry. Nobody gives a damn about this Erica Walker and Eric Sheppard, their fictitious black genocide claim and false narrative about America being a racist nation, but sadly they get the media’s attention. This country is headed into a political and moral cesspool and it is up to us to forbid its arrival. Our children will grow up with such negativity shown on television and the internet but no pride in our country for our nation, its history, customs, traditions and heritage. What’s right is wrong and what’s wrong is right, is what we are witnessing here at home, almost daily. My colors are the Red, White and Blue and they adorn a banner, that I love, so beautifully. Old Glory is my flag and I will render the salute to it, stand and sing our nation’s anthem and give thanks to the Almighty, that I was born an American. I will forever be grateful of the service and sacrifice of the living and dead who fought and struggled in wars or toiled during peace, under Our flag, wearing it on their shoulders or over their caskets. Those Colors represent the sovereignty of my nation, The United States of America, whose Constitution guarantees us the freedoms we cherish dearly. I hereby challenge my proud fellow Americans to film ourselves holding the flag, saluting it and singing the Star Spangled Banner in a public venue. Call it the Proud American challenge, which isn’t a challenge and shouldn’t be. Do it for your children. Do it for our nation. Do it for the brave souls no longer with us laid to rest in Arlington and in cemeteries across this country, for those who are still Missing in Action and for those angry veterans that keep questioning why we did it to begin with. We owe it to them, to stand up for Old Glory, when they fought and died to keep it flying. Semper Fidelis to My Country ‘Tis of Thee.#ProudAmericanChallenge#EricSheppardChallenge

Posted by Manny E. Vega on Saturday, May 2, 2015

Did Sergeant Vega or others who made similar rebuttal videos and Facebook rants call for protests or violent riots? Did any of them demand “justice” or “retribution” against those anti-American flag-stompers? No.

In spite of their understandably heightened emotions, Manny Vega and those who have made similar videos have only called for all freedom-loving American citizens to stand up in a civilizedshow of support and commit to public displays of respect for our flag and love for our great nation.

Thank you, Sergeant Vega, for your patriotic inspiration. I will be following your lead at every opportunity and will be encouraging everyone I know to do the same. Let’s all come together and take the “Proud American Challenge!”

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