U.S. Military Brings 5 “Good Iraqi” Muslims to America – Those 5 cockroaches end up Brutally Raping Colorado Woman


From Sons of Liberty Media

5 men were brought to America after aiding our troops in Iraq. Though there is, as usual, no mention of these men following the religion of Islam, The CIA World Factbook reports that Iraq is 97% Muslim. With that said, I think it is fair to assume that most, if not all, of these men are Muslims.

Yet again, I would propose more proof that even the “good” Muslims aren’t really good. The helping of American soldiers on the field of battle does not counteract the indoctrination that comes from a religion that teaches that women are nothing more than property to be used and abused as needed.

In August of 2012 The Gazette reported:

Colorado Springs police arrested five Iraqi men Tuesday in connection with what they called a “rare” and “horrific” sexual assault on a woman early July 22. The arrests included one man who was a central character in an Army’s sergeant’s memoir of an Iraq deployment.

Sarmad Fadhi Mohammed and Jasim Mohammed Hasin Ramadon were taken into custody on suspicion of sexual assault. Mustafa Sataar Al Feraji, Ali Mohammed Hasan Al Juboori and Yasir Jabbar Jasim were arrested on suspicion of accessory to sexual assault. All are in their 20s.

Lt. Howard Black, who heads the Police Department’s special victim’s unit, said the severity of the attack made it rare in the city, adding that the woman’s injuries could have been life-threatening.

“We don’t see these types of assaults typically in Colorado Springs,” he said.

Ramadon was featured in “A Soldier’s Promise,” a combat memoir by Army First Sgt. Daniel Hendrex published in 2009. Hendrex met the 14-year-old Ramadon while deployed to Husaybah, a town in Al Anbar Province in Iraq, according to book reviews on www.amazon.com. According to reviews, Ramadon encountered Hendrex’s soldiers in December 2003, and pleaded with them to arrest him in exchange for key information about local insurgents. The book chronicles Ramadon’s relationship with Hendrex’s unit, of which he became an intricate part, ultimately earning the nickname Steve-O, the review reads. Later, in exchange for his services, Hendrex helped Ramadon immigrate to the United States.

The results of those arrests have led to 4 convictions already.

One co-defendant, Sarmad Fadhi “Levi” Mohammed, 26, is serving 16 years to life in prison after a jury convicted him last year of placing his penis in the woman’s mouth. Three others were accused of lying to police about what they knew of the rape and ended up with misdemeanor convictions.

The last of the five suspects is currently on trial for his involvement. The Gazette again reports on this story:

An El Paso County jury on Wednesday heard clashing portrayals of Jasim Mohammed Hasin Ramadon, a 21-year-old Iraqi immigrant accused of “shoving” his hand into the rectum of a semiconscious woman, causing severe internal bleeding.

Charged with multiple counts of sexual assault, Ramadon – also known as Jay Hendrix – could face up to the rest of his life in prison if convicted. Read More

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